Product Development

Home-grown enterprise solutions across multiple domains like Human Resource Management, Audit Management and Sales / Marketing apart from custom solutions for the content and publishing industry

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Mobility Solutions

Being mobile is about accessing your business and information from anywhere and reaching your customer anywhere..literally Read More »

Enterprise Consulting

Outshining your competition is about outperforming and differentiating on delivered customer value The real 'code' behind the code at Proyojana. Read More »

Open-Source / Cloud Solutions

Helping enterprises leverage available open-source and cloud based solutions and also creating such, that can result in huge savings their IT budgets. Read More »

Integrating technology competence with deep domain expertise

Focused on enhancing business performance of the enterprise

Who We Are

A small group of brilliant and dedicated individuals working full-time & collaborating in tandem with a larger group of brilliant functional and technical experts, who are equally dedicated but work part-time for ProYojana.... Read More

What Sets Us Apart

We are a group of technology people supported by very senior functional and domain experts with decades of hands-on-experience in a variety of Industry verticals and functional domains.... Read More

Why Trust Us

Because, We have done this before & because, we charge you only for the value delivered.... Because we share your risks.... Read More

Case Studies

Our Consulting solutions are a combination of ‘a process reengineering intervention, followed by a supporting IT intervention’ that provides a sustainable and scalable solution that addresses the root-cause of the business problem

Pure technology interventions where we would develop applications based on your functional and business inputs. We bring in ‘domain experts’ where necessary.



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